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Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Gives Feds The Middle Finger, Punks CNN In Ad

Excuse my language, but God damn, I love this Kari Lake more and more every day. She is a certified conservative badass and at this point, there’s no mistaking her for a RINO.

The Trump-endorsed Arizona gubernatorial candidate has proved time and time again that she can be trusted to carry on Trump’s America-First movement – at least in Arizona where she’s running for the Grand Canyon state’s next Governor.

If you follow Kari Lake on Twitter you know she’s the real deal. There’s no doubt that if she wins her election in November, she’ll be joining Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Jim Jorda, Ron DeSantis, and Ted Cruz on the growing list of America-First politicians we can count on to fix the broken GOP.

She doesn’t trust the Feds, she hates CNN, and she’s not afraid to stand by Donald Trump and proclaim him as “the greatest President in our lifetime”.

Here are just a few examples of why Kari Lake is earning her conservative stripes and will most likely be the GOP Primary winner in the upcoming Arizona race on August 2nd.


In a recent Tweet, Kari Lake posted her frustration with the “FEDS” giving them a middle finger in her Friday morning post.

“I don’t think many people really appreciate how willing I am to give the FEDS the Middle Finger. 🖕

Is anyone else sick of being Gaslighted by our own Government?” the Arizona gubernatorial candidate posted on her Twitter account.”

The Feds have been a real Conservative talking point throughout the primary elections, especially in light of the recent Ray Epps scandal that places the alleged FBI agent at the January 6th Capitol steps minutes before the barricades were stormed.

Theorists claim based on photographic evidence that Ray Epps went undercover the day before Jan. 6 and on the day itself to antagonize and provoke the crows to storm the Capitol building.

Ted Cruz recently questioned the FBI over the incident but was unable to get confirmation. Watch Ted Cruz question the FBI below over Ray Epps:

We’re not sure if Kari Lake is referring to the “FEDS” in this case, or exactly what agencies she’s “sick of being gaslighted by”, but take your pick. Kari’s right, we’re sick of them all, and we’re definitely sick of being gaslighted by our own government.


Oh, snap! Did Kari just punk CNN during a political ad campaign? Yup, she did, and she’s not afraid to shame any media source that drums up propaganda for views rather than sticking to the truth.

In a recent “Kari Lake For Governor” ad, CNN ambushed the candidate for an interview prior to an event Kari was attending.

When approached by the reporter, Kari said she’ll “do an interview with you as long as it airs on CNN+” She then affirmed what she already knew, that CNN+ went bust because “the people don’t like what you guys are peddling which is propaganda”.


Kari Lake Is Trump-Endorsed And Is Not Afraid To Wave The Trump Flag High!

While other Republican candidates have been wishy-washy over their support for Trump, Kari Lake is going all-in to prove allegiance to the America-First President. Her passion for conservative views and freedom for all are consistently voiced whether she’s speaking at events, during interviews, or on social media.

Liberals hate her, Conservatives love her. RINOs, are not so sure yet on where they stand with the certified political badass out of Arizona, but one thing’s for sure, if they want to win their elections this year, they need to follow Kari’s lead because the GOP has had enough of fake politicians who follow the lead of Democrats and continue to put America last.

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