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BIDEN BOMBS OUT: ’60 Minutes’ Rating Flop, Far Less Viewers Than Trump, Obama

The ratings are in on President Joe Biden’s 60-minutes of gaffes, and the results aren’t shocking, to say the least.

Joe performed worse in prime time than both of his predecessors, former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

According to data from the Nielsen company, Biden drew less than 10 million viewers.

That was 40% of the 24.5 million viewers who turned in to “60 Minutes” to watch President Obama’s first post-election interview in November 2008. It was the show’s highest ratings in more than a decade, The Washington Times reported.

Barack Obama’s follow-up appearance in December 2019, after he left office, drew 16.2 million, according to Nielsen data.

President Trump attracted 16.8 million total views when sat down for his interview with “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl in October 2020.

It’s probably a good thing, however, that America didn’t tune into Joe Biden, especially after his last embarrassing performance where he gave the most divisive and delusional speech out of any President in United States history just weeks prior.

During the 60-minute interview, Joe said “the pandemic is over” and that the U.S. Military would defend Taiwan in the event of Chinese aggression, neither of which according to the White House is true. The current pandemic emergency status is still extended through Oct. 13, and the White House denied the pandemic being over.

Stephen Miller, contributing editor at The Spectator, was quick to call out the fact that Biden is not only out of touch with reality, but that he’s also “not in charge”.

“He is not in charge,” tweeted Miller, sharing the CNN headline, “White House says Covid-19 policy unchanged despite Biden’s comments that the ‘pandemic is over.’”

It’s no surprise that fewer Americans are interested in what Joe has to say anymore, especially after nearly 2 years of failed policies including a raging border crisis that continues to plague the country and skyrocketing inflation that is now directly hitting the wallets of every American.

Even Joe Biden’s own party is growing tired of the Divider in Chief, and many want to see him gone come 2024.

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