Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Virginia’s About To Give NY A Lesson In Civil Disobedience, And Why Hochul Should Be Very Concerned

If school districts in Virginia defy Youngkin's EO banning mask mandates in school, it could spell disaster for NY Governor Kathy Hochul

OPINION: SCOTUS Vaccine Mandate Ruling Reveals Catastrophic Degree Of Ignorance

The SCOTUS rulings on vaccine mandates, upholding on medical workers while dismissing OSHA enforcement on businesses, proves confusion.

Opinion: Explosive DARPA Document Delivers Devastating Blow to Mainstream Covid Narrative

A Defense Department report released Monday by Project Veritas blows a major hole in the Covid narrative that is regularly propagated by the mainstream media...The report details great concern over the Covid-19 gain-of-function program, the concealing of documents, the suppression of effective curatives, and the problems with the mRNA vaccines.

Opinion: Chinese Take Out And Legislation, How The Democrats Get Away With Bait And Switch Policy

The democrats think we are so unintelligent that we will just accept the cool sounding name of the bill and not want to dig in to the details of these horrible ideas.

‘Where There’s A Risk, There Must Be Choice’, NY Parents Are Ready To Fight For Their Children

Dozens of Parental Rights and Medical Freedom organizations, such as NY Informed™ and local chapters of Mom’s for Liberty (M4L) were proudly on display.

In An “Attempt To Save The Planet”, We May Have Just Set America On Fire

Is the present government motivations burning Americans alive by forcing them to abandon safety for climate change?

Opinion: We Are Winning The War Against The Propaganda Machine, All Thanks To The Internet

We are winning the war against the propaganda machine, and the mainstream media can’t hide anymore. Pandora’s box has been opened.

Opinion: America Is One Heartbeat Away From Losing Its Freedom, And Why The Media Is To Blame

What had intended to be a peaceful protest and demand for Congress to hear the voice of American patriots dissolved into a melee and nightmare for many involved

Opinion: Fatherlessness, The Driving Force Behind Failed Kids, And Why Covid Is Just An Excuse

Children growing up without a father in the home was the underlying condition to many of the behavioral issues we see today.

Bill De Blasio: A Legacy Of Ruin, And The Catastrophic Downfall Of The New York Police Department

In 2013, de Blasio ran for the Office of the Mayor of New York City. A liberal Democrat, de Blasio's campaign portrayed New York...

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