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OPINION: Now what?

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OPINION: Now what?

The Senate just rammed through with zero republican support, a bill that will raise taxes dramatically on all of us working folks, more than double the size of the IRS and is the most aggressive climate change legislation ever passed. This was done three months before a midterm election in which democrats are facing possibly its worst defeat in history.

So, after all these months, the democrats now pass what they threatened to pass and should have at the beginning of 2021 when republicans were stunned by defeat, and the country was not paying attention like they are now. Why?

Either this is their legacy to screw us all in the worst possible way and try to get out of it by “blaming republicans” next year when they take power. You know, the best defense is an offense. Or do the democrats have their stuff down so well, they are not worrying about elections anymore? Do they know something coming in November that we the general public do not? Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll see in three months though.

Let’s focus on what’s to come:

IRS: I’m from the government and I’m here to help… you pay more money! The IRS has 75,000 agents nationwide. They are now adding another 87,000. As a small business owner, I know exactly what this means. I am taking steps to ensure I am 100% in compliance and paying 100% of what I am supposed to. It’s only a matter of time with that many more agents.

Raise taxes dramatically: Biden just did what Bush did in 1990. Remember “read my lips, no new taxes”, then took it back in 1990? That killed republicans for years until the rising tide of the fall of 1994. Now Biden did learn a few things. He didn’t actually raise our tax rates. So he can claim he in fact did not raise taxes. But he did. Sending down all these new taxes to manufacturing and corporations, will only have them passed on to us. Expect more double digit price spikes just to cover the taxes on your heating, cooling and gas bills!

Climate Change: Remember our celebration last month when the supreme court ruled the EPA can’t regulate industries by executive order? Congress must do it? Well that only took a month! These are beyond the reach of the supreme court now, and put on steroids, to shut down not just coal fired plants but all plants that use ANY fossil fuels. That takes us from 20% to 80% of our total energy the government can now deem as a “pollutant” through the EPA, and work it out. That’s what congress just did. Specifically ever last democratic member. Not one republican did this. The democrats just signed a death warrant to our economy. Get ready for rolling blackouts, shortages of everything, over regulation, high taxes, and basically being made poor. The standard of living we’ve enjoyed is likely about to end.

Unless republicans win so big in November… then ram through with a 2/3 veto proof majority repeal these legislative changes, then get someone in there in 2024 to work for us.

So, I wanted to ask about those 81 million in 2020 who voted for this. How should I address the bill?

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