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LeBron James Radio Silent After White Teen Murdered By Black Students At His Akron School

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I hate to bring race into a tragic incident that took the life of an innocent white student, but when the media and so-called activist LeBron James go radio silent, I have no choice but to speak up.

Three men have been arrested in the murder of 17-year-old Ethan Liming outside of a school founded by LeBron James earlier this month in Akron, Ohio.

The teen was fatally beaten after a fight broke out when Liming and his friends were “joy riding in a car” and shot a toy Splatrball Water Bead Blaster at people on the basketball court of the I Promise high school.

Authorities arrested suspects Deshawn Stafford Jr., 20, Tyler Stafford, 19, and Donovon Jones, 21 in connection to the homicide – all black students at the school.

What does race have to do with any of this? According to the father of murdered Ethan Liming, everything, and he wants the public to know exactly what happened, despite authorities denying there was a racial component to the beating.

“My son Ethan Liming was murdered by three African American males and a female who stood by and did nothing,” Bill Liming said.

“We live in a sick world. People look at each other based on the color of skin or the fact somebody disagrees with somebody else. And because you disagree with me you must be evil,” he added. “And we have so dehumanized each other in our society, that’s why my son was murdered. Some people looked at him as somebody whose life didn’t matter. And it just breaks our hearts. And we don’t want this to happen to anybody else’s child.”

Liming also described that two of the friends his son was with are black and that they were chased away from helping him.

The father said Ethan got out of the car and “told people to relax — ‘It’s a joke, it’s a joke,’ and the individuals didn’t like that. One individual attacked him.”

Another person then came up from behind and hit Ethan in the head, Bill said.

“He was fighting back for his life. A third individual came up behind him and overwhelmed him. And they knocked him out on the ground. His friends tried to help him,” he said.

News 5 Cleveland reached out to the LeBron James Family Foundation for a response to Liming’s statement about the safety of the school’s campus but has yet to hear back as of Tuesday evening. Akron Public Schools declined to make any comment about the safety concerns raised by Liming.

Breanna Morello, former Fox Business, Newsmax, and MLB producer also weighed in on the lack of response from LeBron.

“LeBron is normally an outspoken critic on hate crimes when the victims are black. But here he is only offering his “condolences” and asking for prayer.

Larry Elder, talk show radio host, and America First political candidate highlighted the fact that if the races were reversed, Biden would call for a day of mourning.

“REVERSE THE RACES, BIDEN WOULD CALL FOR A DAY OF MOURNING,” Elder posted to social media. “U.S. Marshals arrest 3 (black) men, over death of (white) boy, 17, beaten in car park of LeBron James-founded school. Cops say beating “not racially motivated,” but dead boy’s father said it was.

Legacy media has been fast to bury any mention of race involved, and most headlines refuse to highlight that 3 black students beat a white teenager to death over a harmless joke involving a water gun.

This was a hate crime and should be treated as such. The parents of their murdered son have clearly stated it was, and the authorities continue to deny it.

“It’s important to say something, please, this violence can’t stop unless people start talking, it’s just going to keep going until people say something and speak out,” Jennifer Liming said. “We have to be a voice, we have to be heard. We have to stop it. It’s just getting worse. Every day you hear more and more things happening and people, don’t be afraid to talk together. We’re here we need to be more united. These kids are suffering here with this that happened to Ethan. I hear from the principal I hear from coaches, how much anguish they’re in and I just want parents of these kids — make sure you’re getting help for your kids, that they can talk to somebody. Ethan wouldn’t want them to carry this and be hurting like this. He would want them to be able to go on and be happy and live their life.”

When asked if she had a message for those responsible for her son’s death, Liming fought back tears as she delivered an emotional plea to her son’s alleged killers.

“Why? I just don’t understand why. What did he do to you that you deserve to kill him like this?” she said. “I just can’t wrap my head around why you did this to him. He was on the ground defenseless and unconscious and you just beat him until he died. And I just don’t understand why. Seventeen years old, he had a whole life in front of him. And he was not the kind of kid to be involved in something like this. I just don’t understand why they did it and what made you hate him so much you wanted to kill him. You didn’t even know him.”

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