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Instagram Suspends Libs Of TikTok

Libs Of TikTok, an account known for reposting videos of far-left activists on social media, was suspended from Instagram on Thursday.

Libs of TikTok posted to its Twitter account, BREAKING: @instagram just suspended our account.

Because the account or “activity on it” did not follow Instagram’s community guidelines, Libs of TikTok was suspended from Instagram, according to a screenshot of the suspension notice. Libs of TikTok has 30 days to “disagree with the decision” — or else the account “will be permanently disabled.”

We’re not exactly sure why Libs Of TikTok would be banned from Instagram, a Mark Zuckerberg social media platform. All the account does is literally repost the exact same videos that leftists post on TikTok to other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

If those who feel threatened by Libs Of TikTok can’t handle seeing themselves exposed on alternative platforms, then they might want to think twice about posting the content in the first place.

We anticipate Libs Of TikTok disputing the Instagram suspension as they have 30 days to do so, but as of now the page on Instagram currently appears to be unavailable.


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