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DAZED AND CONFUSED BIDEN, Unsure Where To Sit Without Cheat Sheet In Spain

It appears Biden really does need those cheat sheets that his staff gives to him prior to speaking – or eating – or walking – or even just to watch paint dry.

Lately, Biden can’t seem to do anything right without his staff telling him exactly when to do it and how to do it, including telling Biden “YOU take YOUR seat as we saw last week during a meeting with cabinet members.

Tuesday while in Spain, Biden was visibly confused as to what seat he was supposed to sit at during an event because apparently, he didn’t have a cheat sheet to hand. Did a staffer forget to give him his notecard?

The DNC shared a video of the catastrophe that shows the President completely dazed and confused not knowing where he was supposed to sit. To be honest, I’m not sure Biden even knew where he was.


The incident comes days after ol’ man Joe was caught by a press reporter who took a picture of the backside of a notecard that included a list of bullet points telling Joe exactly what to do when he entered the room during a cabinet meeting.

One bullet point read “YOU take YOUR seat”.

Other bullet points of what appeared to be kindergarten-like instructions included “YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question” and “YOU thank participants” before finally telling Joe that “YOU depart”.

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