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‘DEATH TO SCOTUS’: Rioters Destroy Portland, Smash Windows Following Supreme Court Case

Queue the ‘Summer of Love,’ fully endorsed once again by the Democrats of course. Mad Maxine Waters was on the scene within minutes inciting violence and provoking an insurrection, followed by AOC and other liberal suspects as they threw their toys out of the car upon learning the fate of Roe V. Wade.

We begin our Summer of Love tour in good old Portland, home of ANTIFA, where rioters got straight to work following the 6-3 Supreme Court decision on Friday.

According to Fox News, a large group of rioters was seen in downtown Portland, Oregon smashing windows and vandalizing several buildings Saturday night. The group also graffitied messages targeting the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Death to SCOTUS,” one black spray-painted message said.

About 100+ people were yelling and chanting as they marched down the streets and would frequently stop to smash windows and graffiti objects that had absolutely nothing to do with the abortion case.

Members of the domestic terrorist group, which many believe to be ANTIFA, were seen smashing several windows of a Starbucks Coffee building, and others were caught destroying a Tesla car.

Rioters marched the streets of downtown Portland, smashing windows and graffitiing local businesses on June 25, 2022. (Fox News/Bradford Betz)

The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo posted additional photos on Twitter covering the destruction and wrote “For a 2nd night, #Antifa carried out violence in Portland, Ore. at a riot. On June 25, a mob of them in black rampaged through NE Portland, smashing up businesses, a @PPSConnect school van, a Tesla & a pregnancy center. Police said they couldn’t intervene.”

Several credible threats have been made against the Supreme Court since a draft of Friday’s decision was leaked in May. Following the May leak, an assassination attempt was made on Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s life. Democratic leaders encouraged protest outside Justices’ homes, including Kavanaugh’s, even after the failed assassination attempt.

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