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‘DEEPLY, PROFOUNDLY STUPID!’ Sen. Kennedy Eviscerates Biden Over Disastrous Energy Crisis

You got to love Senator Ted Kennedy. When he has something to say, there’s no holding him back. He packs a punch, gets to the point, and quite often annihilates his competition in doing so.

Senator John Kennedy went off on President Joe Biden’s quest to crush the energy sector calling the President “Deeply, Profoundly Stupid.”

“Deeply, profoundly stupid. That is the only way I know how to describe one of the worst decisions behind an administration that has become famous for bad decisions. I am talking about Pres. Biden’s assault on sustainable, affordable energy.”

Kennedy (R-La.) spoke on the Senate floor on Tuesday to explain how Pres. Biden’s assault on American fossil fuels is driving up prices in nearly every sector of industry.

He spoke about the fact that Biden’s energy and rising energy crisis is costing the average American family over $8,000 per year that they don’t have.


In the 15-minute evisceration, the Louisiana Republican reminded the President that “oil goes into our burn creams… that cream comes from oil. You ever get a cold? Take a little Nyquil… take some cold tablets? You need oil to make em.”

Kennedy went on to say “the President’s assault on fossil fuels is hitting my people in Louisiana Mr. President and they’re hitting the American people so hard that they’re coughing up bones. My people and the people of America are increasingly having to dip into their savings account just to afford everyday items,” and that “all of this inflation caused in part by the President’s bone-deep down to the marrow stupid energy policy is costing the average American and Louisianan family $635 per month, let’s call it seven to $8,000 per year.”

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