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Delta Airlines CEO REFUSES To Impose Biden’s ‘Divisive’ Vaccine Mandate

As most businesses have caved to Joe Biden’s OSHA induced vaccine mandate, a few have made it very clear that they will not be complying. The airline industry, however, has been quick to fall in line with the tyranical order with every major US airline announcing a deadline for their employees except Delta Airlines. Delta is the only major US Airline that has taken a stand against Biden and his vaccine mandate for companies with over 100 employees.

Delta has publicly, and at a corporate-level, rebuked President Joe Biden‘s ‘divisive’ vaccine mandate and has decided to leave the decision up to its employees.

According to Breitbart News, CEO Ed Bastian said Saturday that allowing his workers to choose whether to get the coronavirus vaccine has proven effective – as 90% of his employees have already received the vaccine and he expects that to rise another 5% within the next month regardless of a vaccine mandate.

Bastian also said Saturday that Delta will offer religious and medical accommodations for those who wish to remain unvaccinated.


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