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NICE TRY GEORGE: Soros Claims Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Could ‘Lead To End Of Mankind’

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Can someone please tell George Soros to put a lid on it? At the age of 91, why isn’t he and Klaus Schwab chilling on a beach someone minding their own business?

What’s even more mind-boggling to me is that literally BILLIONS of people around the world continue to listen to these out-of-touch global elitists dictate how the average working class should be living our lives.

George Soros is a 91-year-old, left-leaning Hungarian-born billionaire who still thinks we live in Nazi Germany, and that if we don’t put Putin in his place “the Russian invasion of Ukraine could spark a third world war and perhaps lead to the end of mankind.”

He told attendees of the forum in Davos that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping were the leaders of two countries who posed “the greatest threat to open society.”

“Other issues that concern all of humanity — fighting pandemics and climate change, avoiding nuclear war, maintaining global institutions — have had to take a back seat to that struggle,” the out-of-touch with reality billionaire told the World Economic Forum at Davos on Tuesday. “That’s why I say our civilization may not survive.”

It’s ironic that the likes of George Soros and friends are warning us that a third world war could spell the “end of mankind”, yet the very action of America and Europe defending Ukraine would in fact launch a third world war.

You can’t have your cake and eat it, guys! But of course, they know that and sadly they don’t care because if we did in fact find ourselves in world war 3, Soros and Co. aren’t going to be the ones on the front lines fighting – but our children will be.

Soros also warned that China’s continued pandemic-related lockdowns will keep disrupting supply chains, which will contribute to elevated levels of inflation.

In one breath, Soros is telling us we can’t let the pandemic take a “back seat to the struggle”, but then turns around and says shame on China for taking its pandemic too seriously. Again, the man’s 91, enough said.

So, nice try Soros. You might want to leave the Russia-Ukraine war to Zelensky and Putin to work out and Xi Jinping to deal with China. If China’s got plans for the Chinese, that’s China’s business.

Right now, America needs to focus on America instead of listening to Soros, and other World Economic Forum global elitists derail us from maintaining our status of being the greatest nation on earth. We already have to deal with enough internal destruction without the likes of these billionaire oligarchs adding to our potential downfall.

Soros’ comments were reported by Bloomberg News.

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