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Governor Kristi Noem Wants To Ban Critical Race Theory, Proposes Legislation

It’s no surprise that South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem is not very fond of Critical Race Theory. She has spoken out against the curriculum alongside the likes of DeSantis and Abbot and has now made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with the racist program in her state.

Noem just proposed legislation that aims to eliminate Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the state’s public school system.

This legislation is an official cure to her executive order that banned CRT just a few months ago. On top of the CRT ban, Noem also told the South Dakota Department of Education that, until 2022, they could not apply for grants from the federal government in the fields of history or civics.

Noem said in a statement Monday that, “Americans believe ‘all men are created equal,’ and we also believe the American dream is available to all regardless of race, color, or national origin.”

“Our schools should teach our children our nation’s true and honest history,” the governor continued. “They should teach about our successes in establishing a country that is a beacon of freedom to the world and our mistakes along the way. Our children should not, however, be taught the false and divisive message that they are responsible for the shortcomings of past generations and other members of our respective races.”

South Dakota isn’t the only state growing increasingly frustrated with CRT. 17 other states are also proposing or enacting legislation against critical race theory.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said at a press conference recently that, “Our legislation will defund any money for K-12 going to CRT consultants. No taxpayer dollars should be used to teach our kids to hate our country or hate each other.”

DeSantis like most Republican governors feels that Critical Race Theory will cause further division in an already severely fractured country. According to Fox News, DeSantis said “I think it’ll cause people to think of themselves more as a member of a particular race based on skin color, rather than based on the content of their character and based on their hard work and what they’re trying to accomplish in life.”

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