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Former Stripper Running For Congress Slams GOP Pro-Life Stance, Blames ‘Climate Emergency’ On Why She Got An Abortion

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If AOC could make it to the big time, then why can’t a former stripper? I mean, let’s be honest, it doesn’t take much to nab a seat in Congress these days. But a pro-choice pole dancer?

An ex-stripper from New York decided to hang up her ankle straps for a political platform, running for Congress in Philadelphia’s battered 3rd District. What’s she running on exactly? Abortion rights, which apparently she personally knows a little about.

Alexandra Hunt, 28, stripped during college “to pay the bills,” she wrote recently in Daily Kos, and wants to now lecture the GOP on abortion rights.

As the Democratic nomination for a Philadelphia-area congressional district, Alexandra has used her past to drive attention to her progressive campaign platform, including tweets that attempt to justify why she got an abortion at the age of 18.

When I was 18, I was part of the 2% of people who can get pregnant on birth control and I found out I was pregnant. And I decided that I was not ready to bring a child in this world and I decided to get an abortion,” Hunt says in the video.

Hunt went on to say that the state of the world back then, and today, was not the kind of place she would want to bring a child into anyway. “I as a person was not ready to bring a child into this world, but also the world was not in a state — and is not, 10 years later, is not in a state — that I wanted to bring a child into yet, which is my decision to make,” she said.

She also lists the reasons she thought the world was not in a state for her to raise a child. “My generation faces a lack of jobs, a lack of living wage, a housing crisis, an affordable housing crisis, a student debt crisis, the climate emergency, the prison-industrial complex, and the list goes on and on. And I wanted to offer my child better.”

Hunt said she got her abortion through Planned Parenthood, and that the decision “was made with a lot of love.”

In a December tweet, Hunt said: “Having an abortion enabled me to progress in my career, cut ties in an abusive relationship, and get to a place of economic security so I can properly care for my future children when I’m ready to become a mother.

Hunt told Fox News Digital in a statement that she believes her decision to be open about her previous career is resonating with voters.

Is it working? Let’s remember, she’s running in a progressive dump, Philadelphia’s beat-up 3rd, so she might actually have a chance.

Hunt is running to unseat incumbent Democratic Rep. Dwight Evans in the primary election May 17. She reported raising nearly $328,000 in the first quarter of 2022 — which is more than Evans’ total haul of nearly $260,000 in the same period. However, Evans’ campaign has over $769,000 total cash on hand compared to Hunt’s $535,000.

Raising funds for her campaign includes selling apparel that supports pole dancing and sex work. Her infamous “Elect Hoes” brand seems to be trending well with voters.

Alexandra Hunt is even following the same liberal playbook of insanity that role model AOC used to win in her NYC district – Hunt is seeking office in a mostly black, strongly Democratic congressional district. Robberies are up 36 percent in the district this year. A total 2,073 shootings were reported in the last year, a 2.3 percent increase, with 1,171 victims.

Hunt supports “significantly reducing” the prison population through “compassionate release” and an end to cash bail, among other lefty planks in her campaign platform.

“In neighborhoods with rising violence, tougher policing isn’t the answer,” she tweeted recently. “It’s backward thinking to punish needs-based crimes instead of moving to meet the needs.”

Hunt, who grew up in upstate Rochester, has criticized Rep. Evans’ personal investments in weapons and energy companies, which she tweeted “are screaming corruption & special interests.”

Regardless of whether she’ll win or not, there’s no doubt this will be an entertaining campaign to watch, and who knows, it may just get an entirely new demographic to the polls, the “working class”. God knows the Democrats will take what they can get at this point.

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