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Your Vote Could Be Cast Without You Ever Knowing It, Here’s How To Stop The Steal

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While you’re hearing more and more about easy access to mail-in ballots there is no mention of un-registering to vote in the state from where you’ve moved and may no longer qualify to vote. Why do you think that information isn’t being publicized?

It’s not hard to imagine that moving to another state is a cumbersome task with lots of important things to organize and remember. There’s always a chance of forgetting something in all the mayhem, confusion, and stress. Who in the world could possibly consider “un-registering” to vote in the state they are leaving, right? – Especially in an off-election year.

Although there is no requirement to un-register when you move out of state and no penalty as long as you don’t attempt to vote fraudulently, what you should know is there is a chance, and legitimate concern, that your vote could be cast without you ever knowing. This could occur especially through mail-in ballots, or even in-person voting on your behalf or pretending they are you, or through even more unscrupulous means via political cheaters from a variety of vantage points. – The drive to win an election is intense. The list of things people will do to win is even more intense, for that matter. – And the point expands, even more, when it comes down to how convoluted and intense an investigation can be in sorting out any sign of violation/s if there is a sign at all.

While you may think that your information is out there in the wide open and you’re registered to vote in your new state and should cancel your registration in the old state, it is not.  What you may not know is that there is nothing tied between states when it comes to voter registration. You are simply still registered to vote in a place you may no longer be qualified to vote. You will have to register to vote (if you haven’t already) in order to vote in your new state, but that does nothing to protect your vote from being used in any other state you may be registered to vote.

Although you’ve changed your address through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in both states, many states now offer voter registration through their DMV offices, However; Voter registration and the functions of the DMV are actually separated. The DMV has no function other than providing a channel between the voter and the Elections Office of that given state. Neither the DMV nor the Elections Office has jurisdiction or investment in verifying that every single voter registration is valid and/or up-to-date. It is up to the voter to assure their information is accurate.

Some people have noticed they get phone calls, texts, emails, and even mailings (forwarded), from the old state’s selected affiliate party. While many people simply ignore these correspondences, others are helpful by letting the sender know they no longer have a vested interest in their old state without actually canceling their voter registration in that state.

This is where a gray area resides and could easily become an undetectable advantage in acts of voter fraud. Like a lock on the door, the lock keeps honest people honest, canceling your old registration keeps anyone from using it.

Just to make the problem worse, your vote could be cast from two separate states in a presidential election which can actually result in your vote being uncounted or counted in the state it was cast first. There is no way to verify either and it’s likely a common occurrence not discussed when it comes to the screening process.

There’s nothing worse than taking the time to vote and then finding out there’s a chance you’ve been wasting your time because you haven’t taken one very important step to protect your vote/your voice. – by canceling your registration in the previous state.  

These loose ends can be used not only for local and state elections but also in selecting primary candidates with who you may actually disagree or even detest.

It’s not your state anymore, why should you care? The answer is pretty simple. You wouldn’t want this occurring in your new state/country/town/Senate/Congressional District, and there’s a chance that it’s part of the reason you left the old state. This discrepancy is quite universal. 

Some states allow residents from other states to vote in their local and state elections as long as they own property, or spend a strong period of time, commonly more than 6 months (considered permanent resident) in that state. Mostly, no one really knows where anyone is at any given time, and it’s too cumbersome and overwhelming to validate every single voter in this way. 

Elections laws vary by state. Check with the state’s Election offices to verify the conditions and requirements.

Voter fraud is a felony and in most states is punishable by imprisonment for a year or more, depending on the conduct of which a violation is committed. – Double voting vs fraudulent registration, for example.  Double voting is a felony violation but is registered to vote in a state you have no investment or residential status because you simply moved out of state carries no scrutiny. – People do forget to un-register all the time and most people really don’t know they should. – Just ask your friends and family if they’ve ever thought of it before. If you haven’t, I’m betting they haven’t either. Yet, those who fraudulently vote on behalf of others, unless discovered, are not sought out unless a complaint is filed or they are caught red-handed. – Where it is too late by the time elections are finalized as we’ve discovered in recent elections.

Let’s do our best to be personally accountable and honest by keeping the doors locked and our own vote out of the hands of those who can and will take advantage of what we’ve been unaware of or discount as unimportant.

Remember, a Senator and Congress person can still affect our daily lives at a distance. – your local vote does count.

True democracy relies on this personal accountability and honesty, only weakened when someone steals our voice.

Let’s face it, if those in the office today cannot conform to advertising/publishing this reality, or taking steps to assure voter verification with voter ID, they most certainly are not in favor of your/our true interests, democracy, and the system has failed before has even started.

You can un-register/cancel registration through your old state’s Voter Registration outlets. Election offices offer online access or in-person, and many states offer election registration through their DMV online.

Please cancel your registration to vote in the state/s you will not be participating. Keep elections fair and honest and the crooks and scammers out of office.

Also, please share this article so that all those unaware can have a chance to do what is right too.

Thank you.

New York State Voter Registration/cancel voter registration: https://www.elections.ny.gov/VotingRegister.html
New York State DMV’s website for voter registration: https://dmv.ny.gov/more-info/electronic-voter-registration-application

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