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‘F*** Clarence Thomas’: Unhinged Lightfoot Curses Supreme Court Justice At Pride Event

Wow, real professional Lori! No wonder your city runs rampant with murder on a daily basis and holds one of the highest homicide rates in the city. When you act like a thug, you attract thugs.

Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago had an obscene and disgusting message for one of the Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade on Friday.

Lightfoot, a progressive Democrat, yelled, “F*** Clarence Thomas” in front of a crowd at Pride Fest in Grant Park over the weekend, in response to the SCOTUS opinion in the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health case. The vulgar remark was condemned by several mayoral challengers to Lightfoot, but the city’s first openly gay mayor applauded Lightfoot for her comments on Monday.

“Now, we know what happened with the Supreme Court yesterday, and if you read Clarence Thomas’s concurrence he said,” Lightfoot said on stage before being interrupted by someone in the crowd who shouts at the mayor, to which she replies, “Thank you. F— Clarence Thomas. He thinks that we are going to stand idly by while they take our rights — our right to marry, our right to have children, our right to live.”

Naturally, the Chicago crowd went wild as the mayor screamed obscenities at Thomas, but not everyone was impressed including Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas who said the comment was “pretty embarrassing” and “almost trying to agitate people to violence which sounds about right for a radical progressive.

To make matters worse, on Monday, Lori Lightfoot defended her weekend comment.

“I said what I said,” Lightfoot posted to social media along with a photo of her standing in front of a crowd and pointing to a man wearing a pink shirt with the same vulgar message she directed at Thomas.

While Lightfoot was inciting violence to the audience in a city where crime and gun violence runs rampant, Fox News Correspondent Gianno Caldwell announced the death of his “teenage baby brother” who was murdered on the south side of Chicago.

“Never could I have imagined my baby brother’s life would be stolen from him 😭. Please keep my family in your prayers,” the Fox News Political Analyst post.

Over the weekend, gun violence killed a total of three people and injured 12 others across the city, NBC Chicago reported. A 5-month-old girl was among those who died. The infant was shot in the head while inside a vehicle and pronounced dead at Comer Children’s Hospital.

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