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FAIL OUT, BAILOUT! Warren Wants Biden To Cancel Debt For Those Who Failed To Graduate

Wow, where was Warren when I was in college? I would have loved to have got a refund for not finishing college. Could you imagine a 4-year party with a full refund? It would be a dream come true for any college dropout.

Full disclosure: I actually did graduate college, believe it or not, but I can promise you, that I would have bailed fast if I knew I could get $120,000 back. Not exactly an incentive to push me to graduate knowing I could have quit that easily with a full refund!

Well, that’s exactly what Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is now pushing Biden for. Fail out of college? No problem! We’ll just cancel your student debt.

Senator Elizabeth Warren took crazy to a whole new level over the weekend when she urged the Democratic Party to cancel student debt, this time singling out those who attended a university but failed to graduate.

“Millions of Americans have student debt, but no degree. These are hardworking people who tried to advance their education with federal loans but are being crushed by debt. Now relief is in sight. @POTUS canceling student debt would be life-changing,” posted the far-left radical Senator on Twitter.

And here I honestly thought Liberals were the smart ones. If students are mature enough to go to college, then they are mature enough to understand the financial risks of not graduating. Canceling student debt for college dropouts would set a horrible precedent for all students that if it doesn’t work out, you’ll simply get a refund. What incentive would they have to finish strong if they could give up so easily with zero risk?

In an already fractured economy full of lazy millennials, this really would put the nail in the coffin for capitalism. But then again, isn’t this exactly what the Democrats want?

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