Sunday, October 17, 2021

Food Shortages Hit America, Walmart Shelves Empty Throughout Several Grocery Stores

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As food shortages hit the United States, Americans are starting to grow increasingly concerned with how empty the grocery store shelves are starting to look. Reports of shortages are coming in from parts of Pennsylvania, California, North Carolina, NY, and Alaska.

Grocery shoppers have also been vocal about all the shortages they are seeing on shelves right now, and employees are starting to weigh in as well. Taste of Home recently asked its Facebook followers which items are hard to find right now, and thousands of people commented, many of which called out Walmart for having several shortages.

Employees are also echoing the alert, with some posting about these issues on Reddit. User @RVFullTime identifies as a cashier at a Walmart in Coastal Alabama and says several grocery staples are in short supply. “Last night,” they said, “our shelves were almost bare.” Several other employees sounded off in the comments, detailing items they aren’t stocking right now. (Eat This, Not That! has reached out to Walmart for status updates on all the items mentioned below, but no information has been made available yet.)

Worst of all, the growing food shortages aren’t limited to just grocery stores. Several parents are now complaining that the food shortage has worked its way into the classroom and that their children aren’t being fed adequate portions leaving them hungry throughout the day.

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