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40k Dutch Farmers Block Border Between Holland And Germany After Farms Forced To Close

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In an attempt to impose new climate goals of reducing nitrogen output by 2030 in the Netherlands, many farmers will be forced out of business.

According to Swedish citizen journalist Peter Imanuelsen, the Netherlands recently appointed a new Minister of Nature and Nitrogen. “The minister, Christianne van der Wal has practically said that some farmers will have to give up their farms”, Imanuelsen reported.

The 2030 target is designed to comply with EU rules on reducing nitrogen pollution. There is no way that farmers will be able to realistically meet that goal without downsizing their businesses or completely shutting down altogether.

Farmers, who will lose their livelihoods over the nitrogen goal protested last week with some 40,000 taking to the highways to block the border between Holland and Germany. The mainstream media failed to report the news.

With a worldwide food crisis as a result of skyrocketing fertilizer prices already in play, the government in the Netherlands is only making things catastrophically worse, and the farmers are at a breaking point with how to survive as it is.

Despite the protests being condemned by politicians, according to a recent poll, it seems like many people are supporting the climate change protest.

According to Peter Imanuelsen, the political party Farmer-Citizen Movement is ranking high in the polls. “In fact, they are now the second-largest party in the Netherlands!” Imanuelsen posted to his Twitter account along with a confirmation of the high polling numbers.

It doesn’t make sense that global inflation is already at record-breaking highs, and now governments, not just in the Netherlands, but around the world, are on a mission to make matters worse by forcing thousands of farms to close who can’t meet their nitrogen targets.

The closures of these farms will undoubtedly cause prices to rise further to the point where most won’t be able to afford to eat, or at the very least, eat healthy all in the name of climate change that has yet to be scientifically proven as a real crisis.

Perhaps when we’re all eating bugs for protein more will step up and sound the alarm.

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