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New Zealand Declares ‘Proud Boys’ A Terrorist Organization, Despite No Evidence Of Terror Committed

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I’m not quite sure exactly what the ‘Proud Boys’ did, besides wave a bunch of Trump flags on the Capitol steps and intimidate a few ANTIFA gang members, that frightened New Zealand enough to declare the far-right Proud Boys a terrorist organization, but according to a 29-page government filing, the Proud Boys are now on New Zealand’s terrorist watch list.

You’d think they would have first classified BLM or ANTIFA as domestic terrorists seeing that they actually wreaked terror on the United States for an entire summer back in 2020 when they burned down half the country. The fact that they didn’t and single-handedly targeted the Proud Boys, leads me to believe this is just another hit piece on the GOP and Donald Trump orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

Classifying the Proud Boys as a terrorist organization is putting them in the same category as the Islamic State and the Irish Republican Army which any sane person knows is not what the group represents.

Nevertheless, according to a government filing, “[The group’s] extreme right-wing ideology is founded on racist and fascist principles. APB engaged in the attack on the [U.S. Capitol] Building for the purpose of obstructing and preventing the proper functioning of democratic government and in opposition to what PB perceives as liberalisation and diversification of US society.”

Despite the fact that the Proud Boys is not known to be active outside the United States, and there hasn’t been a single trial or “insurrection” conviction involving any member of the group, New Zealand’s government still claims that the group was responsible for inciting crowds, coordinating attacks on law enforcement and organized the charge prior to protestors breaching the Capitol.

The filing also argued that the group has a “history” of using street rallies and social media to intimidate opponents and recruit young men through demonstrations of violence, claiming that the Proud Boys is an “extremist” group that uses various smoke screens to hide its true aims.

Following in Canada’s footsteps, New Zealand has made it illegal for its citizens to fund, recruit or participate within the group, making authorities obligated to take action against anyone who does, as reported by TownHall.com.

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