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Taliban To Ban TikTok ‘Within A Matter Of Weeks’, Says The App Promotes Violence

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The Taliban have announced that they intend to ban TikTok and PUBG mobile apps on the grounds that they cause violence, according to Unilad.

Afghanistan’s ministry of telecommunication made the announcement on Saturday that the widely popular apps would be banned in the country within a matter of weeks, blocking people from being able to use them.

The decision to ban the two apps came after a meeting between the telecommunications ministry and the Sharia law enforcement administration.

Middle Eastern Journalist, Deeksha Negi, posted the news on her Twitter account backing up claims that the Taliban is just days away from banning the Chinese-owned platform. “The Taliban are going to ban PUBG and TikTok for promoting violence and immorality. Taliban spokesman Inamullah Samangani said that the ban was necessary to “prevent the younger generation from being misled”.

Samangani said TikTok was home to ‘filthy content’ which was ‘not consistent with Islamic laws’.

He added that they received a lot of complaints about people ‘wasting their time’ on the sites.

At peak times, PUBG counts up to 100,000 players from Afghanistan, while TikTok is clearly popular enough among the public for it to have earned a ban.

The plan is to ban both apps within the next 90 days, with TikTok becoming prohibited within a month while PUBG mobile will be gone in three months, as reported by ABP Live.

The Taliban have been banning numerous things since coming back into power.

Last year, women were banned from appearing in TV shows and some prominent female figures even marked their doors. And In March this year, young girls were stopped from going to school.

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