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FREAK PHENOMENON: Lighting Strikes Same Location Multiple Times Outside White House Killing 2

In a freak phenomenon outside the White House on Thursday, 4 people were struck by lightning killing 2.

Four people were rushed to hospital with critical injuries after the strike in Lafayette Park on Thursday evening. Police officials said the two who have since died were a couple from Wisconsin, NBC Washington reports. The victims’ identities have not yet been released, and an update on the condition of the two survivors is expected later Friday.

According to the Daily Beast, the four were previously identified as two men and two women, fire department spokesperson Vito Maggiolo told The Daily Beast. Members of the U.S. Park Police and uniformed officers with the Secret Service witnessed the strike, according to Maggiolo, and rushed to perform life-saving measures.

Fox5DC Meteorologist Mike Thomas posted a video on Twitter that may have captured the lightning strikes that killed those hanging around the White House and also warned others to “NEVER shelter under a tree during a storm.” Sparks could be seen on the ground after the lightning struck.


The four victims were found in the center of the park, just south of a statue of Andrew Jackson, Maggiolo said at a later press conference. Witnesses told D.C. outlet WUSA that they had been standing underneath a tree when the lightning struck. Maggiolo clarified the victims were in the “vicinity” of a tree.

Nancy Codes, White House Chief Correspondent, was also filming on the White House lawn when the lightning struck a little too close to home. “That’s too close – we’re shutting down” advised photographer Ron Windham.”

Guardsmen were present in the park that night in response to a racial justice protest. The indirect strike, believed to have hit a tree near the men, caused them no visible burns, and they were transported to a nearby hospital alert, conscious, and expected to recover.

A call to first responders regarding the incident was placed at 6:52 p.m. Images shared on social media by D.C. Fire and EMS Department showed emergency services swarming the scene.

According to the National Weather Service, the average number of annual deaths recorded from lightning strikes (based on data from 2009 – 2018) is 27.


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