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FULL RED AHEAD: Data Shows Red States Beat Blue States In Post-Pandemic Economy

Republicans are on the money right now and are full steam ahead for a 2022 midterm shakedown. Pelosi and her cronies better be shaking in their boots because the house is ours, and the data is there to support it.

Speaking of data, according to a new Wall Street Journal report, Republican-run states are also beating their blue counterparts in economic recovery, as the United States kicks Covid to the curb and settles into post-pandemic life.

Josh Mitchell, who wrote the report, says Texas, Florida and North Carolina benefitted most from Americans fleeing New York and California. Are we even the least bit surprised? Throughout the entire pandemic, even the CDC data showed Florida coming out on top compared to its liberal opponents NY and California. While lockdowns were destroying blue states, Red states were thriving economically.

“The pandemic has changed the geography of the American economy,” Mitchell wrote. “By many measures, red states—those that lean Republican—have recovered faster economically than Democratic-leaning blue ones, with workers and employers moving from the coasts to the middle of the country and Florida,” he continued.

Mitchell references a Brookings Institution study showing red states have added 341,000 jobs since February 2020.

“Since February 2020, the month before the pandemic began, the share of all U.S. jobs located in red states has grown by more than half a percentage point, according to an analysis of Labor Department data by the Brookings Institution think tank,” he wrote.

“Red states have added 341,000 jobs over that time, while blue states were still short 1.3 million jobs as of May.”

Mitchell also references a Moody analysis while discussing the trend of remote work.

“Remote work allowed many workers to move to red states, not because of political preferences, but for financial and lifestyle reasons—cheaper housing, better weather, less traffic and lower taxes.”

Governor Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott were adamant about keeping their economies going during the pandemic despite constant backlash from both the Biden administration and liberal states who were hoping to prove them wrong. It’s no wonder that California’s Newsom is running ads in the Sunshine state begging Floridians to move west. He’s broke and desperate, and NY isn’t far behind.

Well done boys! Red Wave full steam ahead.


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