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Tennessee Republicans Urge Governor To Immediately Halt Distribution Of Covid Jabs For Kids

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No, Joe, not everyone wants to jab their kids with a vaccine that’s been on the market for 5 seconds as you keep falsely touting during your press briefings.

Contrary to White House opinion, parents across the country have had enough of the Biden administration pushing the Covid-19 vaccination on children under 5, and many states are now standing up and urging their Governors to immediately halt distribution.

According to TownHall.com, Tennessee Republicans are urging Gov. Bill Lee (R-TN) to immediately halt the distribution of the Wuhan Coronavirus vaccine.

Not only are they sick of the Democrats playing “covid emergency”, which ended months ago, but they don’t trust that the Department of Health has their best interests at heart.

Rep. Jason Zachary (R-Knoxville) was joined by a group of House Republicans consisting of lawmakers, to send Lee a letter requesting him to block the Tennessee Department of Health from giving out or promoting the vaccines for young children until there is more clinical evidence available.

“There is no emergency, especially in Tennessee. Again, you’re talking about those who are at the least risk for having hospitalizations or deaths related to the COVID virus,” Zachary told the Daily Wire, adding “[They] are our least vulnerable Tennesseans.”

Zachary is mostly concerned over the fact that there simply isn’t enough data to know the short and long-term effects the vaccine will have on children, calling the distribution “reckless” and “irresponsible”.

Tennesse seems to be echoing similar concerns as Florida, the only state in America that has officially recommended against the Covid-19 vaccine for young healthy children.

“Young children have never been at serious risk of death or hospitalization from COVID-19…that’s why it’s important that we know more about any potential short-term and long-term impacts these vaccinations could have before our health departments start administering them,” Zachary said, adding “parents who want to have their child vaccinated can still do so by going to a private medical provider.”

Tennesse Republicans also called out the FDA in the letter to Governor Lee asking the FDA “Why has the trial not able to show a reduction in severe illness among those vaccinated?” and “why was approval granted when the manufacturers’ own trials show zero benefit to children?”

According to TownHall.com, the FDA has yet to comment or be able to answer Zachary’s questions regarding the need for children to be vaccinated against a virus that has little to zero health risk to them.

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