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Drug Cartels Attempt To Smuggle 44 Pounds Of Liquid Meth Inside Halloween Pumpkins

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Joe Biden’s border is so out of control that cartels are now smuggling in record-breaking amounts of illegal drugs that continue to rock America to its core like never before. You’d think this was a scene from a scary Halloween movie, but unfortunately, it’s the real-life consequences of Joe Biden’s open border.

According to TownHall.com, U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized 44 pounds of liquid methamphetamine that was hidden inside pumpkins while trying to be smuggled over the border from Mexico into Texas.

$402, 196 worth of meth was found stuffed inside 136 condoms placed in four pumpkins while agents searched a 2012 Ford Escape.

“Our frontline CBP officers have seen just about everything and this Tuesday was no exception as they encountered liquid methamphetamine hidden within pumpkins,” acting Port Director Elizabeth Garduno said in a statement.

According to border reports, the car was stopped at the Eagle Pass Camino Real International Bridge, a common point of entry for illegal immigrants and dangerous cartels smuggling in drugs.

Drug seizures have increased in recent months, including meth, fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin, and in August alone, the CBP reported an increase of 1.4% in seizures.

Despite over 161,000 pounds of meth being confiscated this fiscal year at the border, the Biden administration continues to turn a blind eye. Neither President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris have been to the border to deal with the raging crisis border towns face on a daily basis.

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