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YOU’RE FIRED! Abbott Hires His Own Border Czar To Replace Disgraced Kamala Harris

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Clearly, VP Kamala Harris can’t be trusted to protect the American people from the recent border invasion that continues to plague our nation today. Between skyrocketing illegal border crossings, and record-high drug cartel encounters it’s no wonder that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has had enough of the disgraced Biden White House and will no longer be waiting for Kamala Harris to do her job.

Gov. Greg Abbott announced Monday the creation of his own Texas “border czar” and said he has appointed a recently retired Border Patrol agent to that position who will “tap his expertise to deploy strategies that reduce illegal immigration and keep our community safe.”

Abbott said Mike Banks, who retired from Border Patrol 10 days ago, will work alongside the Texas National Guard, state troopers, and the Texas Facilities Commission to “accelerate the building of the border wall in Texas.”

According to Fox26Houston, Banks said his top priority in his new job “is to make the state of Texas the least desirable place for illegal immigration to cross. I don’t think it’s going to be that difficult. … We just need to be more aggressive.”

Since President Joe Biden came into office, Abbott has heavily criticized the president’s immigration policies, and in March 2021, he launched Operation Lone Star — sending hundreds of National Guard soldiers and state troopers to border counties to apprehend migrants crossing the border. Hundreds of migrants have been charged with misdemeanor trespassing and are being held in prison. The state has spent more than $4 billion on the effort since Operation Lone Star began.

During the Monday news conference in San Benito, Abbott said “combating illegal immigration in Texas is a full-time job,” and “requires a leader whose only focus is responding” to the president’s immigration policies.

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