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Is Impeachment ‘On the Table’ for AG Garland? Rep. Jim Jordan Seems To Think So

Jim Jordan told Newsmax that impeachment is not out of the question for Merrick Garland, the Biden administration attorney general who has refused to take action against protesters gathering illegally outside the homes of Supreme Court justices. Garland’s lack of response has gravely put the Justices’ lives in danger over the past few weeks.

I think everything’s on the table,” Jordan, R-Ohio, said Thursday on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

But first things first, Jordan told Schmitt. And that is winning back the majority in Congress.

Jordan pointed to the section of the U.S. Code that prohibits picketing or parading outside a judge’s or jurist’s home in an attempt to sway the opinion in a case.

“And he refuses to prosecute any of these protesters, confirming something that I think is very scary,’‘ Jordan said. “We now have one of the key agencies in the executive branch joining in the effort to intimidate a separate and equal branch of government, the judicial branch. That is scary when that kind of stuff goes on.”


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