Saturday, November 27, 2021

Joe Biden STUNNED, Donald Trump Now 2024 Presidential Betting Favorite

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Matt Clark
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Every so often I like to check in with Vegas to see how crazy the American people really are. After all, Vegas does take its queue from the American people as it tries and predicts the likely winning candidate for any upcoming election.

Since Donald Trump left office, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have swapped back and forth several times between the number 1 and 2 spots with other top picks like Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, and Mike Pence lingering either just above Trump or just below him in the line-up.

But for the first time since Biden took office, the latest 2024 Presidential Election Odds now have Donald Trump getting over 54% of bets making him the favorite to win. Maybe there is hope for America after all, and whether or not you believe in polls or betting odds, it certainly is a good indication that America hasn’t completely lost its damn mind.

Donald Trump is now the massive betting favorite. Over the last 30 days, 54.2% of bets have been placed on Trump to win the election. Joe Biden is second with 10.2% of bets. Then Kamala Harris and Ron DeSantis both have 5.6% of bets.

According to European oddsmakers have also moved Donald Trump from +650 to +350, and as a result, he’s the odds-on favorite to win the election. Harris has moved from +350 to +550, moving her back to third place. Joe Biden remains in second place, though his odds shifted from +400 to +375. This may come as a shock in America, but it makes perfect sense in Europe.

Every major betting site across the country and in the world now has Donald Trump as the 2024 Presidential Election favorite, but are you surprised after the disastrous situation Joe Biden has put this country through? To think that Biden’s still even on the list is mind-blowing to me, but nothing surprises me anymore in America. After all, Pete Buttigieg is on the list even after he tanked the transportation sector leaving it in tatters in just 8 short months. If you can’t even manage a few cargo ships coming into the country, how on earth are you going to manage the nation?

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