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Oklahoma Governor Signs Strictest Abortion Law In United States, NO EXCEPTIONS

As the country braces for a possible overturn of Roe Vs. Wade, states have already taken matters into their own hands with their own abortion laws.

The governor of Oklahoma on Wednesday signed into law a bill that bars nearly all abortions after fertilization, making it the country’s strictest ban yet on the procedure.

“I promised Oklahomans that as governor I would sign every piece of pro-life legislation that came across my desk and I am proud to keep that promise today,” Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt said in a statement.

“From the moment life begins at conception is when we have a responsibility as human beings to do everything we can to protect that baby’s life and the life of the mother,” he added.

Oklahoma legislators approved the bill last week which also gives members of the public the right to sue any doctor who performs an abortion as well as anyone who helps facilitate one, a law similar to Texas.

According to the law, there are only a few exceptions that allow Doctors to perform an abortion – the need to save the mother’s life, rape, or incest. Rape and incest cases must be reported to law enforcement in order for a Doctor to provide the abortion, but only up until a heart week is detected – typically 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, there are no exceptions unless the mother’s life is in danger.

Stitt delivered an interview on Fox News Sunday. The interviewer, host Shannon Bream, noted that recent restriction laws, such as Senate Bill 1503, contain no exceptions for rape victims. They cut off abortion access once cardiac activity can be detected. That usually takes about 6 weeks — meaning many won’t even know they’re pregnant before the clock runs out.


Planned Parenthood, the leading advocate of abortion rights in the United States, said it would challenge the Oklahoma law in court.

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