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Liz Cheney Commits Political Suicide With Dick Cheney Ad That Calls Trump ‘Threat To Our Republic’

Liz Cheney officially took her dying political career off life support on Thursday with a single campaign ad that used her dad, Dick Cheney, to call former President Donald Trump a ‘great threat to our Republic’.

“In our nation’s 246-year history there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our Republic than Donald Trump,” Cheney said in the disastrous endorsement that most likely put the final nail in her political coffin.


Cheney, who led the January 6th Hearing Committee witch hunt “trial” against Donald Trump has made it clear that she’s on an all-out mission to guarantee that Trump “never gets near the oval office again’. Her father Dick Cheney, former Vice President to George W. Bush, echoed those same sentiments in the endorsement ad recently launched for the Wyoming Rep.

Liz continues to struggle to garner the Republican support needed to pull herself out of the embarrassing hole she’s dug with her persistent attacks against Trump and has now resorted to using celebrities and her Dad for endorsements seeing that no one influential and relevant will step forward.

Cheney recently gloated over a Kevin Costner endorsement which drew much criticism on social media. Freddie, a historian-loving Patriot, according to his Twitter profile, responded to Liz’s post about the news, “So Liz Cheney is bragging she got an endorsement from Kevin Costner who also endorsed Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden. Liz is losing her conservative credentials fast.”

Carmine Sabia, Christian conservative, Writer, Editor, Pundit, shared a picture of Kevin Costner meeting Fidel Castro, and tweeted “Fidel Castro loving Kevin Costner has endorsed Liz Cheney. Congrats Liz. Nice friends,” suggesting how ridiculous it is that a Fidel loving Costner is endorsing Cheney.

Meanwhile, Trump-backed Harriet Hageman challenging Cheney for her seat is destroying Liz in the Wyoming Polls. According to the Star Tribune as of mid-July, Harriet Hageman leads Cheney 52% to 30%, the poll shows. No other challenger received more than 5% support. Only 11% of voters were undecided.

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