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Los Angeles Homeless ‘Pooping, Peeing On The Street’, Residents At Breaking Point

Business owners and residents in Democrat-run Los Angeles are fed up with the homelessness plaguing the city, and Paul Scrivano, the owner of ‘Blue Dog Beer Tavern’ located in Sherman Oaks, is at breaking point.

The Beer Tavern owner told Fox 11 that “everyday it’s another adventure of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

“It is literally like a psych ward,” Scrivano exclaimed. “That’s ok, pooping on the street, peeing on the street, having sex on the street.”

During the Fox 11 interview, a homeless man can be seen pooping in a bag outside of the business owner’s tavern and then throwing the bag of feces on the bar owner’s car.


The homeless man, who could be seen defecating on the street, was confronted by the reporter and asked why he keeps pooping in bags and throwing them on the gentleman’s car. The homeless man said “this guy has to understand, I’m half paralyzed, I’m blind, I have no car for 9 years,” implying that his handicap was justification for his disgusting and repulsive actions. When asked if the man needed help, he angrily fired back “I don’t need help, this guy needs help,” referring to the business owner whose car the homeless man keeps pooping on.

Other business owners throughout Los Angeles have closed up shops and left the area. Those who remain say they fear for their and their employees’ safety.

“I don’t know from one day to another what’s going to happen,” one business owner said. “When they come in, you know tweaking out, and things of that nature, so you know never know what you’re going to get yourself into.”


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