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‘Mostly Peaceful Protestor’ Shoots Police With Makeshift Flame Thrower During Pro-Abortion Riot

According to several citizen journalists on social media and verified by The Post Millenial, a ‘mostly peaceful’ pro-abortion rioter attacked a Los Angeles police officer during a protest that turned violent Friday night.

According to Field Correspondent Anthony Cabassa, a source with the City of Los Angeles said the man with the makeshift flame thrower has been arrested, booked, and is being charged with attempted murder.

The Post Millenial reported that the LA protests began as protestors shut down the freeway and then harassed and attacked drivers. As it became dark, the protest coalesced in the city and skirmishes broke out between pro-abortion rioters and police, including the attempted burning.

The Post Millennial editor Andy Ngo also posted several videos of the incident on Twitter.

The rioter discharged the makeshift flamethrower at police while hiding behind a black bloc militant holding an umbrella.

The violence comes after radical pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge promised a “Night of Rage” in response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade.

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