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All Eyes On The South Carolina Primary. Trump Wants These 2 Candidates Gone!

Patriots, all eyes on the South Carolina Primary…

Trump wants freshman incumbent Nancy Mace and 5-time incumbent Tom rice out!

Tom Rice, who voted to impeach Trump is trailing Trump-backed Russell Fry by 26% in a House District 7 race. Fry has a sizeable lead over Rice with 68% of the votes in. We’ll keep you updated on this race when a winner is announced, but it’s looking good for Fry as District 7 seems to favor conservative candidates over moderate Republicans. If Trump’s endorsement takes out the 5-time incumbent, it says volumes about how little Republican voters care about the Jan. 6 Witch Hunt on Capitol Hill and that their loyalty still lies with the former President and his America first picks.

The Nancy Mace race is a big one for Trump. If Trump-backed, Katie Arrington pulls off a win against Mace, there’s no doubt that every Republican candidate from here on out is going to start begging the former President for an endorsement. This would be a huge upset for Nany Mace because Mace’s district, unlike Rice’s, is much more moderate, and to make matters worse for Trump, Nancy Mace has the blessing of former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, who has gone above and beyond to help Mace defeat Arrington. Trump’s own advisors’ are even skeptical about an Arrington win, but with Trump, anything’s possible. Arrington is only trailing Mace by 7% with 32% of the votes in. It’s a much closer race than most anticipated, but it’s far from over.

Patriot One News will keep you updated on all the GOP Winners in Tuesday’s Primary Race across Maine, South Carolina, Nevada, and North Dakota.

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