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BIDEN’S AMERICA: Shameless Shoplifters Hit Grocery Store In Nations Capital

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When are the Democrats going to learn? When are they going to start listening to the people who demand law and order? The statistics have been overwhelming coming out of Democrat-controlled cities regarding surges in crime, murder, and rape, yet the Democrats continue to turn a blind eye and literally let these criminals get away with murder.

In NYC, Mayor Eric Adams told reporters recently that criminals do not respect law enforcement. And why should they? We let them out of jail before they even get their mug shot taken. How many times are we going to let the same criminals run free only to attack the second they end up back on the streets? And the shoplifting? Since when has it become the norm to let thugs ransack stores and steal whatever they want with zero consequences? Biden’s America is out of control, and it’s only going to get worse unless we put a stop to it now.

Just around the corner on Tuesday afternoon – roughly one mile from the United States Capital, a grocery store by the name of Giant Food, located in Northeast Washington, D.C. was among the latest to get hit by a group of shameless thieves who quickly and calmly emptied shelves into their carts as if it were just another shopping day out before apparently making their way through the exit without paying.

The video tweeted out in Tuesday’s early afternoon hours shows a crew of at least three thugs wearing ski masks loading laundry detergent pods into a cart already containing what appears to be mayonnaise, salsa, and a jar of pickles. Another fills a plastic trash bag with bottles of detergent and the third caught on video jogs down the aisle with a reusable shopping bag — how environmentally conscious — presumably also filled with pilfered goods.

As originally reported by TownHall.com, according to the person who tweeted the video, there was a security guard and a police officer outside the Giant. When contacted by Townhall, the video’s source said that the thieves weren’t violent inside the store, but one threatened to “kick my ass if I tried to stop him.” He also confirmed that he didn’t see anyone get arrested and, upon leaving the store, the police officer was gone.

Another shopper in the video walks by as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. In D.C. and many other large cities around the country, the obvious issues happening are just ignored by passersby because such crimes have become the norm.

It’s almost as if law enforcement is told to stand down during these situations. Do we literally need to wait until a cashier is shot to death to put a stop to this? Do we need to wait for an innocent witness, who is just trying to mind their own business, to be beaten to death for being at the wrong place at the wrong time because a group of thugs wants free laundry detergent?

There is no explanation for this sort of behavior to continue other than this is intentional. The Democrats are allowing criminals to run rampant in their cities, and innocent law-abiding citizens can’t seem to understand why it’s being allowed.

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