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BLM Helped To Fuel Chicago Crime Spree, Gave $200k To Anti-Cop Group Whose Leader Calls Them ‘Pigs’

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Now that the dust has settled and the “Summer Of Love” is well and truly over, Black Lives Matter critiques want to know what exactly the Marxist organization did to lift black communities up.

What did they do with the $77 million raised in 2021? What did they do to help rebuild the cities they burnt down? What have they done for black schools in dangerous neighborhoods? So far, the only progress made seems to be Patrisse Cullors’ $5 million+ property portfolio plus $4 million into firms run by individuals close to Cullors, who stepped away from the group last year, according to recent tax forms.

But not only has the now-labeled domestic terrorist group done very little for the black communities, but we’re also learning that they actually fueled the riots and hate across several American cities, and in Chicago, they even donated to fund it.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation donated $200,000 during its 2021 fiscal year to a Chicago-based nonprofit whose executive director repeatedly has called cops “pigs,” according to Fox News.

Equity and Transformation (EAT), established in 2018, is a Chicago-based social justice nonprofit founded “by and for post-incarcerated people,” according to its website. Recently released tax forms for the BLM Global Network Foundation reveal that they gave a “cash grant” of $200,000 to EAT during the 2021 fiscal year.

The group, which was founded by defund the police activist and community organizer Richard Wallace, who remains the group’s executive director, has organized protests against police and advocates for reparations. However, it primarily focuses on achieving “social and economic equity for Black Workers engaged in the informal economy,” or African Americans who work jobs “not regulated or protected by the state,” which appears to include criminal activity. 

Wallace, who repeatedly has called police “pigs” and said they need to “defund these b—ards,” posted smiling emojis on his Facebook in response to a 2020 article saying, “54 percent of Americans think burning down Minneapolis police precinct was justified after George Floyd’s death.” In 2015, Wallace took to Twitter to say, “F— the police.”

According to the Fox News article, Equity and Transformation’s social media pages highlight many examples of their activism and involvement in anti-police protests, but one organization that repeatedly appeared on their Facebook and Twitter accounts was Movement for Black Lives, a coalition of more than 50 liberal groups, including Black Lives Matter. The pro-defunding the police coalition, which is backed by top progressives in the “Squad,” sent a text message to supporters last summer saying, “Black August is when we commemorate the lives of our fallen freedom fighters and political prisoners, prisoners of war, and exiles.” 

The text message called on supporters to sign clemency petitions for Mutulu Shakur and Sundiata Acoli. Shakur is a former Black Liberation Army leader who was the mastermind behind several armed robberies in Connecticut and New York. In 1981, the Brinks robbery resulted in the slayings of an armed guard and two police officers. Acoli was convicted of murdering New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster during a 1973 traffic stop.

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors repeatedly has praised Shakur on her Facebook page. In a now-deleted 2016 post, Cullors wrote, “Assata Shakur we love you. Fight for you and because of you. On this day and everyday [sic].”

It’s hard not to consider the Black Lives Matter organization a gang of thugs that are out to cause more harm to America than work to peacefully bring all races together, when you learn about all the corruption involved and just how much money was donated to extremists that encourage violence and refer to law enforcement officers as “pigs”.

They antagonize officer, bait them into aggressively needing to arrest them, and then when things go horribly south and someone gets hurt, they play the victim. Rince and repeat for 50+ years.

Out of the $77 million the BLM network received in contributions in 2021, $25 million in grants have been distributed. $5 million of those grants went to its chapters in several cities – not the cities themselves, but the chapters.

BLM also sent $1.6 million to organizations that focus on transgender issues, including Transgender Advocates and the Transgender Law Center according to Fox News.

It would be nice to know what happened to the other tens of millions of dollars, including how the city chapters spent their $5 million.

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