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BOMBSHELL DOCUMENTS: Proof That The White House Was Behind Entire FBI Mar-A-Lago Raid, Biden Lied!?

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The Biden administration continuously denies knowing anything about the Trump Mar-a-Lago raid before it happened despite political analysts and legal experts suggesting that it be impossible for them not to know especially given the nature of the situation.

John Solomon, Editor In Chief over at ‘Just The News’, told Sean Hannity during Hannity Tuesday night that “not only did they know, they were pushing the investigation. They gave the permission to the national archive to send the original boxes of documents that Donald Trump sent back to the archives to the FBI. That launches the criminal investigation”.

Solomon went on to say “They then give the archives the permission, Joe Biden’s blessing, to waive the President’s best legal defense by saying he can’t claim executive privileges over this. The current president [Biden] will not allow it to happen. All of that occurs long before a grand jury drops a supbeana on President Trump’s lawyers in May and June and long before the raid. The Biden White is at the ignition point of this investigation.”


Solomon backed up his claims with a document that proves his point. He told Sean Hannity “This is a letter from the acting national archives of America to President Trump’s lawyer on or around May 10 and it lays out the entire role of the Biden White House. The general council’s office was involved that authorized the release of documents to the FBI, that’s what starts the criminal probe. It then authorizes telling Trump attorneys’ that they will not be able to use executive privilege and also telling the FBI you can take these records without an executive privilege fight – go use them. Not only [do they] start the ignition point, they facilitate it by taking away one of the President’s potential defenses.”

The fact of that matter is that there is clear evidence that the Biden Admin knew exactly what was happening long before the FBI Mar-a-Lago raid as John Solomon clearly laid it all to Hannity, proving that once again Joe Biden lied when he told reporters that he had no idea that the FBI raid was going to happen.

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