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CNN Ratings Collapse, Just 500,000 Average Prime Time Viewers, 6 Times Less Than Rival FOX

It’s not looking good for CNN. As a matter of fact, things are starting to look catastrophic for the network’s new top boss, Chris Licht, who has barely been around a month before dealing with the record low ratings.

According to Mediaite.com, CNN’s ratings as of Wednesday only averaged 517,000 total viewers across its prime time programming. Their ratings are so bad that Anderson Cooper, who leads the network in most viewers per show, only clinched 673,000 total views at 8 pm. To put things into perspective as to how monumentally horrific this is for the network, Tucker Carlson’s prime-time spot, on the same day, averaged 3.14 million viewers, nearly 6 times more viewers than Anderson Cooper 360.

CNN’s competitors, however, are fairing much better, therefore proving that CNN’s plummeting ratings aren’t industry-wide, but isolated to the Ted Turner built network. Liberal MSNBC smashed CNN’s numbers as well by more than doubling the network with an average of 1.18 million total prime time viewers.

Rival Fox News, a right-leaning competitor, brought in nearly five times CNN’s numbers, averaging 2.57 million viewers across prime time.

The moral of the story here is that the American people are sick of CNN and its fake news. There’s a reason conservatives have rebranded the liberal network as Conspiracy News Network, and unless they want to completely fall off the cliff like their streaming platform CNN+ did after only 3 months from their launch, they might want to consider reporting the truth once in a while.

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