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DOJ Midnight Sneak Attack, The Next Chapter Of The Trump Raid Saga Just Dropped

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Of course, the Department of Justice would wait until late Tuesday night when nobody was paying attention to announce that Donald Trump’s ‘special master’ request to review the documents the FBI seized in their August 8 raid of Mar-a-Lago should be denied on national security grounds.

The political bias of the FBI has been on full display throughout the Trump raid, but to now suggest that a ‘special master’ that gives the former President a fair opportunity to present his case is a violation of ‘national security’ just goes to show how corrupt and one-sided the left-wing extension of the Democrat party really is. Yes, you heard me, CORRUPT AND FRAUDULENT, that is how I am now referring to the disgusting and disgraced actions of the so-called “independent” bureau.

Last weekend, a judge announced her preliminary intent to appoint a special master to review the records, which the DOJ also said was unnecessary since they had analyzed them:

The Justice Department said Tuesday night that appointing a special master “is unnecessary and would significantly harm important governmental interests, including national security interests.”

The Justice Department attempted to bolster its case to the court by including an FBI photo showing documents and “classified cover sheets recovered from a container” in former President Donald Trump’s “45 office,” a reference to Trump’s being the 45th president. The photo shows documents marked “secret,” “top secret” and “SCI” — which stands for highly classified “sensitive compartmented information.”

The former president’s legal team is now requesting a formal review of everything seized during the search.

In its late-night court filing, the Justice Department said that some of the documents seized were so sensitive and classified that FBI agents and Justice Department attorneys needed additional security clearances to review them.  (NBC News)

So we’re just supposed to “trust” the DOJ’s request to disregard a third-party appointment because they’ve “reviewed everything there is to review”? I don’t think so. Whistleblowers have come forward claiming the political bias and corruption involved throughout the unprecedented Trump raid. That alone should automatically guarantee Trump gets a fair “special master” appointment. Anything less than that, confirms what we already know about the sneak attack the FBI launched on the former President.

Not to mention, Donald Trump has already clearly stated that he declassified materials, therefore the documents the FBI recovered from Mar are no longer a national security threat, an argument the FBI refuses to let go of because they’re embarrassed that they got nothing on ’45’.

Mike Davis, Chief Counsel for Nominations and U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, has already confirmed that “President Trump had the constitutional power to declassify whatever he wanted,” in response to a recent Wall Street Journal article suggesting that the “DOJ points to likely obstruction in Investigation of Documents at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago”.

It’s not an opinion by Davis, it’s fact. Trump had the “statutory power to keep personal copies of his presidential records.” Right there, that’s enough for the liberal media and the FBI to pack up their ‘nothing burger dog and pony show’ and get back to Hunter Biden, the real story the American people want to get back to the bottom of.

The FBI needs to back off and end this nonsense now, or the Department of Justice needs to end their political bias circus act and allow Trump the privileges he deserves starting with a ‘special master’ appointment. Anything less than that will discredit the already destroyed reputation of the FBI if that’s even possible at this point, and ultimately lead to retaliation attacks by Republicans against Democrats once they take back the House in November starting with the impeachment of Joe Biden.

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