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Here’s What Mike Pence Had To Say When Asked Whether Trump Was Fit To Serve…

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I’m not gonna lie, regardless of what I think about former Vice President Mike Pence, I have to agree with his answer regarding whether or not he thinks Donald Trump is fit to serve.

The former Vice President on Sunday said that “the American people” will decide whether his former running mate, former President Trump, is fit to serve again in the Oval Office.

“I really do believe that’s a decision for the American people,” Pence said after host Chuck Todd noted on NBC’s “Meet The Press” that several Trump-era officials have said that the former president is either “unfit” or doesn’t have the “moral compass” to run for the White House again.


Whether you like Pence or not for what he did to Donald Trump on January 6th, his answer echoed what I have said a thousand times over – no one, especially Liz Cheney and the sham J6 committee should have the right to decide whether Trump runs again, except WE THE PEOPLE! Our vote is what will send Trump back to the Oval Office.

Pence, who is promoting a new book and has been mentioned as a possible 2024 GOP contender, also told Todd that he believes there will be better choices than Trump in the next presidential election, as originally reported by The Hill.

The former vice president, however, added that he won’t discount what Trump accomplished during his tenure, pointing to three new Supreme Court justices and a military operation targeting Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in 2020.

“I was proud to be his vice president. And advance those policies that worked for the American people against an avalanche of opposition by the Democratic Party from day one, and frankly, by many in the national media who were preoccupied with controversies and conspiracies, and the ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ message that dominated for two-and-a-half years,” Pence told Todd. “And so I want to give the president his due.”

Yes, Pence is clearly pandering to both sides as he gets ready to throw his hat in the Presidential ring, and I’ll be the first to admit his flip-flopper stance on former President Trump is going to cost him the primary. He’ll continue to pander to conservatives while asking for forgiveness, but at the same time play to the moderate RINOs who he thinks can save him. Sadly, I don’t think either position is going to give him the support he truly needs to even come remotely come close to becoming the Republican nominee.

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