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JUST IN: Kari Lake Will Be Filing A Lawsuit On Friday To Contest The Arizona Election

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Kari Lake officially announced that she will be contesting the Arizona election now that the results have been certified. Under Arizona law, in order to contest an election, the results must have already been certified, Lake told her followers on Twitter. The Republican candidate who lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs said that she will be filing a lawsuit on Friday.

“My opponent Katie Hobbs, who should have recused herself but oversaw the election in a very shady and shotty way, actually certified the election,” Lake told her followers on Twitter. “A lot of American first patriots were saying Kari, what are you doing, why aren’t you contesting this? What’s wrong? What they don’t realize was that in order to contest an election in Arizona it has to be certified. So this sham election had to be certified in order to contest it”.


Kari Lake also posted a video of voters who had to stand in the sun for 4 hours to exercise their “sacred right to vote” on election day, highlighting the fact that the botched elections caused duress for many Arizonans who most likely left the lines and ultimately didn’t get a chance to vote.

General Michale Flynn claims that Kari Lake won by “hundreds of thousands of votes”. Flynn also claimed that the “horrific corruption” wasn’t only limited to Maricopa County, but to Pima County as well.

“Kari Lake won by hundreds of thousands of votes, I guarantee it if they actually look at it […] Kari Lake won by a large, large margin. It’s solely because of the horrific corruption, that’s not in one particular county, but it’s also in Pima county out there as well. So now the question really what you’re raising is when is somebody going to be held accountable because the level of frustration by the American people is at an all-time high.

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