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Justin Trudeau: The True Face Of Hypocrisy Exposed And His Obsession With Pushing The Covid Vaccine

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Patriot One News has been diligently following the Canadian Trucker Convoy since the beginning.  The protest was initiated in opposition to the  the Canadian government’s insistent and mandatory vaccine mandates that were to be imposed upon the trucking industry.  Besides the argument of freedom of personal medical choice, the other argument has to do with economic pressure, where driver shortages would cripple the industry altogether.   The ongoing saga has captured the attention of not just Canadians, but of Americans as well.  There are only a handful of news outlets that are reporting on this unfolding story fairly; Patriot One News in general, and Senior Editor and Founder of Patriot One News, Matt Clark in particular.

The response from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been abhorrent, and the partisan coverage from the mainstream is just as bad.  PM Trudeau has threatened the Convoy with criminal charges and revocation of their Drivers’ Licenses.  He has also taken the all too familiar tactics to attack the credibility and motives of the truckers gathered in the Capital of Canada, using such buzz-words as racist, insurrectionist, fascist and even terrorist.  In ever escalating thuggish moves, PM Trudeau managed to convince fund raising website, www.gofundme.com, to refund donations to  the Freedom Convoy 2022, which raised $2.2 million to support their cause.  He even went so far to take a dangerous and unprecedented step to invoke the Emergencies Act to clamp down the truckers protest against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate by seizing their bank accounts.

“.As per the report, Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said at Monday’s news conference that apart from banks being able to freeze accounts of people linked to the anti-mandate protests, vehicle insurance of any individual involved in the demonstrations can also be suspended. Freeland said they were broadening Canada’s “Terrorist Financing” in a bid to cover cryptocurrencies and other crowdfunding platforms.”

Every tin-god dictator, living or dead, would be extremely proud of Justin Trudeau.  Even the left-leaning American media are towing this insane line.  If anyone even pays attention to CNN anymore, the two favorite trigger-words used by any number of their commentators are “insurrection” and “sedition” when they report on their analysis of the Canadian convoy.

The truest irony of this saga is that medical science is not on Trudeau’s side.

“The country is almost fully vaccinated, with nearly 85 percent of the population receiving at least one jab. That makes Canada one of the most vaccinated populations in the world.

And most importantly, perhaps no other job in the world affords more isolation, more self-quarantine, than that of trucker… So, with all of that said: A fading coronavirus variant, hospitals working at full capacity, cases plummeting and a population that is almost fully vaccinated, why exactly is Trudeau continuing to push a vaccine mandate in the name of health and safety? ”

The obvious answer to the question posed is that there are almost no medical reasons for Trudeau’s hard line…only a political one.

Fifty years ago, Saul Alinsky published “Rules for Radicals”, expanding on the bad ideas set forth in the “The Communist Manifesto, originally written by Karl Marx in 1848.  Alinsky was a true insurrectionist in every sense of the word.  One of his most followed rules by Leftist politicians on the North American Continent is:

“Rule #5:  Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.”

Thankfully, Leftist political extremists aren’t that creative or imaginative.  After a few decades of facing this dishonest tactic when we voice our opinion and exercise our rights as Free Citizens, this type of dishonest discourse looses potency.

I have a guilty pleasure that fits in well with this article.  My 20 year old daughter convinced me to watch an adult cartoon with satirical political overtones called “Rick & Morty”.  In one episode, there was an argument between a fictional representation of the President of the United States and the show’s main character, Rick Sanchez.  This quote has stuck with me for a few months as it perfectly reflects the weaknesses of political ridicule and marginalization that has been used by Leftist politicians for decades.

Rick Sanchez:”You know, you use that word so much it’s lost all meaning, Mr. P. It’s like, at this point, what’s a terrorist? It’s a guy you don’t like. Big deal.”

As a global community, we are facing some very serious problems.  Just on this continent alone, we have political leaders who make every attempt to flip the script and propagate the illusion that Freedom loving people are the enemy.  We stand strong for reason, common sense and prosperity, and we will continue to do so.

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