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Kathy Hochul Signs Landmark Legislation, Delivers Crushing Blow To Our 2nd Amendment Rights

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On Thursday, Oct. 28, NY State Governor Kathy Hochul signed landmark legislation that delivered a crushing blow to our 2nd amendment rights with some of the strictest gun laws NY has ever seen.

Legislation S.13A/A.2666A prohibits the possession and sale of unfinished frames or receivers by anyone other than a licensed gunsmith or dealer in firearms. Unfinished receivers are used to form the lower part of a firearm and can be easily combined with other pieces, even by someone with little experience, to make a fully functioning semi-automatic weapon. Americans have enjoyed the right to make firearms for their personal use since before the Revolution!

According to Hochul, gun violence is now an epidemic in New York State. “Gun violence is a public health and public safety crisis that must be dealt with aggressively,” said Governor Hochul. “Working with partners at all levels, my administration will continue to crack down on the distribution and possession of dangerous weapons and put an end to the gun violence epidemic.” 

On May 21, the ATF published a new proposed rule in the Federal Register entitled Definition of “Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms. The Biden Justice Department through the ATF is seeking to destroy law-abiding Americans’ ability to make their own firearms for personal use by restricting access to popular items hobbyists and gun-rights enthusiasts use to exercise this right.

This requirement has no basis in federal statute!

Looks like since the NRA has been fighting this the ATF have not really been able to put it into effect, but looks like Hochul is. 

How many other democrat governors will follow suit and do this in their states?
It is all a big plot by the Democrats in the states and Washington to take away our 2nd amendment rights one way or the other and they will do it by any means they can come up with.

Time for gun owners to make a stand before it gets worse!

If you are a gun owner and don’t belong to any gun organizations like the NRA or New York State Rifle and Pistol Association or other gun groups you need to join one now and help to fight this campaign by the democrats here in NY state and Washington to take our gun rights away!

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