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LOCK N’ LOAD: Over 1 Million Guns Sold In U.S. For Record 37th Straight Consecutive Month

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Thinking about buying a handgun? You’re not alone. More than 1 million civilian guns were sold during August throughout the United States, setting yet again another all-time record of 37 straight consecutive months of all-time high sales.

“August’s figures show there is a clear and steady desire by the American public for lawful firearm ownership,” according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, an industry trade group.

The NSSF statement continued: “Consistently throughout the year, background check figures for firearm sales at retail have put 2022 on pace to be the third strongest year, behind only the outsized years witnessed in 2020 and 2021. August’s figures of 1,286,816 background checks was slightly ahead of July’s that came in at 1,233,115.

“This also marks 37 months straight of background checks exceeding 1 million. Americans are choosing their gun rights by the millions each month while gun control politicians talk only of efforts to deprive them of their Constitutional rights. They are voting with their wallets. Politicians would be wise to heed to the will of Americans lawfully exercising their Constitutional rights and instead focus their efforts on locking up criminals that misuse firearms,” the NSSF said.

Many analysts believe the reason for the continued surge in gun sales may have a lot to do with constant threats made by Joe Biden and the Democrats to ban assault weapons here in the United States as well as high-caliber handguns.

In June, House Democrats proposed several new measures toward stricter gun purchases, however, their attack on the Second Amendment fell short of stringent gun restrictions, such as bans on assault-type weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

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