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Manchin Heads Back To The Dark Side, Will Sinema Step Up And Save America?

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WHY MANCHIN, WHY?! Just when we started to have a little faith in Democrats like Senator Joe Manchin, he goes and totally proves that we were right all along to never trust a Dem in the first place. Looks like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer got to Manchin after all.

As I write this, Joe Biden is live pitching his Build Back Better 2.0 Deal, now renamed “The Inflation Reduction Act Of 2022,” all thanks to the 180 Manchin pulled when he shocked the nation yesterday with news that he’s now all for blowing more money on “energy security” and climate change programs over the next 10 years.

“After many months of negotiations, we have finalized legislative text that will invest approximately $300 billion in Deficit Reduction and $369.75 billion in Energy Security and Climate Change programs over the next 10 years,” Senators Manchin and Schumer said in a joint statement. “The investments will be fully paid for by closing tax loopholes on wealthy individuals and corporations.”

Manchin, who was adamant about not spending more money due to rising inflation, is now suddenly ok with spending close to another $1 trillion dollars on a climate change issue that only Democrats seem to think we have.

Democrats claim the new agreement aims to “reduce carbon emissions by roughly 40 percent by 2030” and address inflation while also reducing the deficit, according to documents released by Schumer and Manchin. The only problem with that ridiculous statement, however, is that spending money never reduces inflation, it only fuels it. We now see evidence of this after numerous stimulus packages have caused 41-year record high inflation rates.

So now that Manchin’s crawled back to the dark side, is there still hope to shoot this bill down potentially saving America from total ruin? As a matter of fact, there is.

Queue Senator Kyrsten Sinema, the Democrat from Arizona.

Closing the so-called “tax loophole” that Manchin says is key to paying for the Inflation Bill, has long been a goal of Democratic tax reformers, but it was dropped out of the House tax bill last year after Sinema indicated she opposed ending the tax break.

This dynamic has prompted a storm of speculation about whether the Arizona senator will withhold her support for Manchin and Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer.

Without Senator Sinema’s blessing, the deal is dead on arrival, here’s why…

Democrats are planning to pass the legislation through the evenly divided Senate using budget reconciliation. The arcane Senate procedure allows Democrats to sidestep the 60-vote requirement to overcome a legislative filibuster. But that means Democrats can’t afford a single defection in the Senate and already have little leeway in the House, where they hold a slim majority.

If Sinema doesn’t get on board with the bill, and it sounds like she still wants nothing to do with raising corporate taxes or ending tax breaks that would close so-called “loopholes”, then there may be hope for America after all.

Sinema’s office has so far declined to comment on the legislation. She did not attend a Senate Democratic Caucus meeting Thursday to discuss the deal, according to a senator in attendance. The senator noted that Sinema often misses caucus meetings and that it was not unusual for her to miss the specific meeting Thursday.

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