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Marjorie Taylor Greene Renews Calls To ‘Impeach Biden’ After Brittney Griner, Terrorist Trade

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Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of many conservatives who are LIVID over the fact that President Joe Biden would be wreckless enough to release a dangerous terrorist, once convicted of selling weapons to American enemies, in exchange for a female basketball player, and is renewing calls to impeach President Joe Biden over the news.

The Georgia Congresswoman posted on Twitter immediately following the news that Brittney Griner has been released in exchange for international arms dealer Viktor Bout, “Another reason to impeach Biden”

Greene, who first threatened to impeach Biden just days after the 46th President was sworn in did not have the support to follow through with such articles of impeachment, however, since Republicans took back control of the House, they now have a better shot at removing the divider in chief.

Kevin McCarthy, who is expected to be elected as Speaker of the House will need to support the allegations against Joe Biden in order to drum up the votes required to begin impeachment talks. McCarthy has said several times while campaigning for the leadership position that he “will hold those accountable”. McConnell will most certainly have to be on board as well which will be a much taller order, but seeing that Democrats went after Donald Trump, not once, but twice, it may persuade McConnell to side with Conservative Republicans on having a conversation about the possibility.

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