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Missouri Parents Furious Over Class Assignment That Portrays Republicans As Racist

Parents at a Missouri high school are furious over an assignment question given to students in an advanced placement government class.

The question appeared on an in-class online assignment at a Holt High School advanced placement government course and was clearly written to make Republicans look like racists. It asked students which political party is most likely to believe that the “fatal shootings of unarmed African American men by police officers” is not due to racism, according to Fox 2.

“Teresa has heard in the news about the fatal shootings of unarmed African American men by police officers but does not think it is necessarily due to racism. Teresa is MOST likely a:…” the question stated, with the possible answers being “Democrat, black woman, Republican, Democrat-leaning woman.”

The correct answer, according to the assignment, was Republicans.

By painting Republicans as apathetic to black people being murdered by a police officer, it may send a message to students that all Republicans are racist or at the very least accuse policemen and women of being racist cops. No studies or polls were used to back up the misguided answer to the question, and one Twitter user highlighted that “not only is the question itself an act of political intimidation, it’s phony”.

One parent told Fox 2 that the question appears to be written by someone who “hates Republicans” and said it’s divisive.

“It felt like the question was written by somebody that just hates Republicans,” the parent said.

The Wentzville School District sent a letter to parents within the school district, stating that the question was “poorly worded” and “inappropriate, extreme, and divisive.”

“There are appropriate ways to teach and assess a variety of topics, including political ideology and beliefs. The question was poorly worded. It was inappropriate, extreme, and divisive. It is important to us that students feel safe and welcome in every class and space within our schools. We apologize if any of our students felt unsafe or unwelcome,” the letter states.

Nick Schroer, a Republican Missouri state representative, wrote in a Facebook post that the question has “no place” in schools.

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