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Obama’s Campaign Manager Slams AOC, ‘Dumb $h!t Like This’ Could Cost Dems The House

Jim Messina, who served as former President Barack Obama’s campaign manager in 2012, called out Congresswoman AOC on Tuesday, slamming her for backing progressives over incumbents in Democratic primaries.

Messina replied to a Tweet regarding AOC deciding to back Alessandra Biaggi in her race to unseat Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair, Sean Patrick Maloney arguing that “dumb $h!t” like this” could ultimately cost the party the House in November.

“This is so counter-productive,” Messina tweeted. “The Supreme Court is about to outlaw abortion. We could lose both houses. So we are going to focus our time running against each other? Now we’re primarying committed progressives because … why? If we lose house it’s because of dumb s*** like this.”

AOC has been known to favor far-left radicals and socialists in past elections, so it’s not surprising that she’s been quick to jump the gun and support progressives over moderate incumbents in key primary races.

She’s also been a huge critic of President Biden and has publicly called for him in the past to take the country even further left than it already is, slamming him for being hard on immigration even though America has one of the most relaxed open border policies ever under any President.

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