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PEW PEW: China Warms Up The Missile Destroyer Ahead Of Pelosi Tawain Visit

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According to the South China Morning Post, it appears as if China is putting on a show of naval force ahead of Nancy Pelosi’s possible Taiwan visit.

Just 2 days ago China State media propagandist Hu Xijian suggested that China has every right to shoot down Pelosi’s plane if it enters Taiwan airspace accompanied by military fighter jet protection.

China decided to flex its military muscles further on Saturday when Beijing announced a live-fire exercise in the Taiwan Strait along with released footage of operations in the South China Sea, Laura Zhou, a reporter for the Post reported.

According to Zhou, the maritime administration in Fujian province said the exercise off the waters of Pingtan would be carried out between 8am and 9pm, adding that all vessels were banned from entering the area.

Pingtan is about 125km (75 miles) from Taiwan’s coast and about 185km from Taipei, its capital.

The exercise was announced on Thursday afternoon – hours before a phone conversation between Presidents Xi Jinping and Joe Biden aimed at reducing tensions – but not widely reported by Chinese media until Friday night.

During the call, their fifth since Biden took the office, Xi told Biden that the US should avoid “playing with fire” over Taiwan.

On Saturday, state broadcaster CCTV released rare video footage of live-fire training by the Type 055 guided-missile destroyer Yanan in the South China Sea.

Pelosi and her team have not confirmed that she will visit Taiwan, but if she goes ahead with the trip, this will be the first visit by a sitting US House speaker since Republican Newt Gingrich met president Lee Teng-hui 25 years ago.

What’s the likelihood of China actually shooting down Nancy Pelosi’s plane? Not likely at all, unless of course, China wants to start an immediate war with the United States.

The flex and recent threats by Chinese propagandist Hu Xinjian are mere points being made that Pelosi might want to reconsider her visit. With that said, it’s equally important for the United States to remind China that we will not be dictated to over where we can and can not travel especially to a country like Taiwan where Americans are free to come and go as they pleased.

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