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‘Tax The Rich AOC’ Has An Outstanding Tax Warrant She Hasn’t Paid In Over 5 Years

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Looks like ‘tax the rich ACO’ hasn’t exactly been paying her fair share of taxes herself. The progressive liberal from NY is apparently in some trouble over unpaid corporate taxes she owes from a business she started before running for Congress.

A tax warrant, one that AOC’s representatives claimed she was aware of when she took office in 2019, has been racking up late fees and interest since the congresswoman first promised to rectify her debt only to end up contesting the taxes and refusing to pay the amount due for half a decade.

As Ofingially Reported By The Washington Examiner:

New York state filed a tax warrant against Brook Avenue Press, a children-focused publishing house Ocasio-Cortez founded in 2012, on July 6, 2017, to collect $1,618 in unpaid corporate taxes. Ocasio-Cortez has yet to pay a penny of her overdue corporate taxes, causing the current balance of the tax warrant to swell by 52% to $2,461 as of Wednesday afternoon.

New York dissolved Brook Avenue Press in October 2016, state corporate records show. The state filed its tax warrant against Ocasio-Cortez’s defunct business about two months after she launched her successful primary campaign against former Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY).

A representative for the Bronx County Clerk’s Office confirmed to the Washington Examiner that the tax warrant against Ocasio-Cortez’s business remains open.


It’s not clear whether Ocasio-Cortez is still contesting the tax bill or if she intends to pay what her former business owes to the state.

Ocasio-Cortez’s office did not return a request for comment.

Looks like AOC might want to rethink her whole “tax the rich” slogan as she seems to be having an issue paying her own taxes. Or perhaps AOC failed accounting class as she should be able to pay her bills seeing that her congressional salary, high-end Tesla, and luxury apartment in D.C. all suggest she certainly has the means to settle the outstanding tax warrant.

According to investigative reporter Andrew Kerr, New York state slapped a $1,618 tax warrant against AOC’s defunct business, Brook Avenue Press, five years ago today.

AOC has yet to pay a penny of her overdue corporate tax bill. Her tax warrant has swelled to $2,461 as of today, Kerr reported.

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