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WATCH: Biden Forgets Who Runs The CDC, Tells Kids ‘It’s That Guy Right There’

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You would think the President Of The United States would know who runs his own public health agencies. After all, he’s been in contact with them a dozen times per day throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

But nope, Joe forgot and pointed to some random guy in the room telling a group of people “see that guy right there? He’s the one running the CDC for me”.

On Tuesday, Biden visited a Covid vaccination clinic and wrongly praised an official who he said is ‘running the CDC.’


See Dr. Jha, see that guy right there?” Biden said while pulling down his mask. “He’s the guy that’s running the CDC for me these days.”

We’re not sure why the President would randomly point to some Doctor in the room claiming he was the director of the CDC, because clearly that position has already been taken by Rochelle Walensky. Dr. Ashish Jha would be the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator.

But let’s be honest, does it really matter anymore? Dr. Jha, Walensky, Kermit The Frog – to Joe it could be any one of them, and the kids didn’t even know what he was going on about anyway so it made little difference.

The problem, however, with the increasing number of Biden gaffes, is that America is losing its patience with the cognitively declining President, and we’d like to know that the guy with the nuclear codes is of a sane mind.

NBC’s Chuck Todd said on “Meet the Press” earlier this year in January that, according to the network’s latest poll, the American public is questioning the president’s competence.

As originally reported in The Hill by Opinion Contributor Dr. Marc Siegel, “Todd is correct that there are such public concerns, and Biden’s recent memory lapses, losses of temper, and outbursts (such as calling one Fox News reporter’s question “stupid,” or referring to another reporter as a “stupid son of a bitch” while talking into a microphone) could be considered clues to possible cognitive problems.”

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