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NICE TRY JIM CROW: Georgia Has Record-Breaking Early Voting Turnout Despite MSM Crying “CROW”

As voters head to the polls today in Georgia, Biden and the Liberals are feeling a bit embarrassed over the fact that their “Crow 2.0” slam is backfiring.

Remember this?

Well, the exact opposite has happened. Georgia is seeing record-breaking early voting numbers, despite CNN, MSBNC and other Left-Wing media outlets crying “Crow” for the last year and a half.

According to an article posted to Hannity.com, Georgia’s Republican-passed Election Integrity Act was supposed to be, according to Democrats and the mainstream media, incredibly racist and would discourage voter turnout —a throwback to Jim Crow, they said. According to early voter turnout in Georgia, that doesn’t appear to be true.

Early voting is breaking records, despite the new law.

Election officials in Chatham County say the primary early voting turnout was the biggest yet for a midterm election.

Even with the record early in-person voting, Chatham County elections officials are expecting a busy day at the polls Tuesday, especially at precincts in west Chatham communities like Pooler that didn’t have early voting locations as close.

According to WSBTV.com, more Georgians went to the polls during the 2022 primary elections early voting period than ever before, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced over the weekend that the three-week voting period saw voters show up in record numbers.

In total, 857,401 Georgians cast their ballots ahead of election day. Nearly 93% of those ballots were cast in person. The remaining 7% were cast by absentee.

Nice try Dems, The Secretary of State’s office says the record-breaking numbers show a 168% increase in early voting turnout from the last gubernatorial primary in 2018 and 212% increase from the last presidential primary in 2020.

Guess Georgians know how to find their way to the polls after all.

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